ALZHEIMERS – A Spiritual Perspective of ‘The Long Goodbye’

The day I went to visit my mother and found her sprinkling sugar on a plate of mashed potatoes as she told me she had made me my favourite custard tart for tea, was a turning point . I was forced to accept that the mild confusion and increasing memory loss of recent years had become something else. We had reached a point of no return. An independent woman who had shown great resiliance throughout her life was now dependent upon us, her family and sadly it was no longer possible to ensure her safety in her own home.

In the months which followed I sought help from every available source, becoming increasingly aware that our remaining time together to share any meaningful conversation was slipping away. I resolved to use it well. Doris had overcome major challenges throughout her life, writing a fascinating autobiography to record her war time memories and nursing experiences.   We talked for hours as she repeated the well worn stories of her teenage years,  the ‘big band’ sounds of Glenn Miller and the weekly dances, the sound of sirens and the hurried rush through the streets to air raid shelters.  Tears rolled down her cheeks as she recalled the friends in khaki who never returned when the war ended; on one occasion she looked around the room and said; ‘It’s nice to see them again’ When I asked who she was referring to she gave the names of three soldiers, friends who had been lost. I remembered she had told me their story many years ago.  ‘They come now and again‘ she said ‘usually round Poppy Day’.  I had no doubt that she could see her old friends and thank fully did not feel the need to contradict her in an attempt to stop the ‘hallucination’. Continue reading


 It is said that power corrupts, today corruption is being exposed as never before at all levels and to a depth of depravity we could never have imagined. The soul memories which are the focus of recent blogs are often directly linked to feelings of powerlessness and betrayal. Pain causes us to pull away from the source if at all possible, when this proves impossible we are forced to endure and deep trauma results. The response to emotional pain is  withdrawal, a refusal to trust relationships while mental anguish creates disconnection,  fragmentation and ultimately severe mental health issues. All of these leave an indelible impression at the subconscious level and a soul imprint  at  an energetic level.The deepest soul wounds however are experienced as a result of spiritual betrayal for when our abusers are those we regarded as the ultimate source of solace and protection we are stripped of all hope and left bereft. The effect is to diminish the life force resulting in powerlessness; we then become a magnet for further abuse; the reason paedophiles are able to target vulnerable children.

Churches of all denominations have provided us with the most exemplary lives of service to mankind, at the same time many among them  have sheltered and protected  those responsible for abusing the weakest in their care. For many years the reports of paedophile priests went unreported, the pleas of their victims ignored with their abusers sheltered and protected. Today we see the consequence. The Catholic Church with its global network is one of the most powerful institutions the world has ever seen. All networks are governed from the core with power stepped down incrementally, reflecting the power base; in this case through the Curia, the administrative arm of the church.The failure of the church to root out corruption has resulted in the infiltration of a negative hierarchy operating from within, its tentacles reaching out as a global  paedophile network. It remains to be seen whether the reforming agenda Pope Francis has announced is credible or possible.

 Paedophile priests: In  2014 a UN Report into paedophilia  demanded  the Vatican take legal responsibility for priests who raped and molested hundreds of thousands of children globally.  The report was dismissed by the Vatican spokesman as “fundamentally flawed” insisting ithe Vatican didn’t exercise direct control over its priests worldwide.

The Magdalen Laundries: Approximately 10,000 women are known to have entered the State supported Magdalen Laundries run by the Catholic church in Europe and America. Irish laundries operated for over 200 years and have the worst record of abuse representing  enforced servitude, what today would be described as trafficking. Unmarried pregnant girls were “incarcerated for transgressing the narrow moral code of the time” described by the church as ‘fallen women’ and degenerates.‘ Pregnant women were forced to undertake heavy manual labour into the last stages of their pregnancy. A former resident states the girls

were denied basic medical care and refused painkillers for even the most difficult birth because the pain was ‘God’s punishment for your sin‘.  Enforced  adoptions were the norm. Of the 60,000 babies that the Church took for adoption in the 1950s and 1960s, many were sent to America in return for large payments disguised as ‘donations’.

Mass grave of 796 dead babies – Site of Mother and Baby Home: Tuam Galway: The Irish Government is to enquire into research into the unrecorded deaths of hundreds of babies at a former Catholic Mother and Baby Home. Now in his  80’s John, a resident of Tuam describes children playing football as a child: ‘They  saw something they thought was a ball or something and kicked it around,  but then saw it was a child’s skull.’ John describes another occasion when he and his friends were digging for worms to go fishing. They lifted up some old slabs which concealed the entrance to a Victorian septic tank built for the original workhouse‘We children burst open the slab…the tank was full of skeletons’  

Barry Sweeney another  of the boys there that day, says: ‘It was a concrete slab, but there was something hollow underneath it, so we decided to bust it open. The priest came over and blessed it’ Local people remember ‘that grave diggers would be seen late at night bringing out children and putting them in there. They were without coffins, just wrapped in white shrouds.’ 

Irish children in Care Homes guinea pigs for drugs giant Burroughs Wellcome:  Evidence is mounting that over 2,000 care-home kids were secretly vaccinated against diphtheria in the 1930s in medical trials undertaken by international drugs giant Burroughs Wellcome, Irish media reveal. Scientists secretly gave 2,051 Irish children and babies Bovine diphtheria vaccine, vaccine meant for cows. Michael Dwyer, of Cork University’s School of History stated: “What I have found is just the tip of a very large and submerged iceberg,”

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SOUL IMPRINTS – Power and Powerlessness  (Archived)

Powerlessness and Imprinted Memory/Karmic Residue /Culture and Belief System/ Institutional abuse – Catholic Church/ Past Life Memory – Case Study. Self Help Empowerment:  Shifting the Balance / Cutting Karmic Ties /Restoring Identity



Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 1632 – 1723)  is considered the Father of Microbiology A Dutch tradesman and scientist, he developed an interest in lens making and using his hand crafted miscroscopes he was the first to observe and describe  single celled organisms which were previously unknown. His findings were initially met with scepticism but became the foundation of a new science, microbiology. In the 20th century technology advanced allowing observation at the molecular and atomic cellular level  and today diagnosis and appropriate response by physicians and surgeons is guided by the laboratory reports which indicate cellular activity.

Whether we observe the single cell or the universe the same maxim applies:  Science is only as great as its latest discovery.  Until the advent of the Hubble Telescope cosmologists estimated the  age of the Universe as 10 to 20 billion years old. Today that guestimate has increased to  13.7 billion years old, give or take a few hundred million years – a margin of error alternative researchers would not be granted.

As technology opens up ever increasing possibilities through new discoveries  what once seemed sacrosanct is inevitably discarded.  While the mind will lead us to ever more fascinating areas of discovery it is the spirit which will enlighten and guide us to truth. Faced with the limited capacity of the human mind to understand the wonders of Creation we are forced to acknowledge the unknowable. We must continue to investigate and to probe yet unless this is done in the spirit of humility we will  find interminable detours and road blocks to progress and medicine will remain in the cul de sac in which it currently finds  itself.


9th June 2014: Healing Water – Matrix and Molecules

WATER CRYSTALS – Matrix and Molecules



It is a Divine Principle that matrix patterns originate in a vibrational field of spirit to become encapsulated in matter, the density of  the physical world.  The ‘downloaded’ atoms and molecules vibrate as consciousness perceived or not. Animal life, vegetation and what we  consider to be inanimate objects such as rocks or crystals emit variable, measurable vibrational frequencies. Organic material has a finely tuned sensory awareness and responds to stimuli. 

When the Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto published his findings on the molecular construction of  frozen water crystals there was widespread incredulity. Not only was he able to demonstrate the unique formation, the blueprint  but that the inherent consciousness responded to environment.The research showed that the matrix pattern of the frozen samples was  maintained or changed by exposure to environmental pollution, music, to spoken and written words and even to thoughts.

Air on a G string by Bach

Those with an understanding of resonance are not surprised to see the effect of vibration as demonstrated through music.The crystal molecules also showed an abilty to restore the original pattern in favaourable circumstances. The potential consequences for mankind are unimaginable.  

Heavy Metal music

All life resonates at specific vibrational frequency,at the optimum level in a harmonious environment and at a reduced level in dissonance.


Dr Emoto was simply using todays technology to reveal what the ancients already knew.The same effect was demonstrated with words, either  spoken or written and taped to the sample. Angry or aggressive language distorts the crystalline pattern.

The filligree lacy pattern of  ‘I love you‘. A positive attitude and loving feelings maintain cellular structure in organic matter, including the human body.   The work of Bruce Lipton in his groundbreaking work Biology of Belief examines the link between belief systems and cellular response. Dr. Candace Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion demonstrated that thought patterns trigger the genes. 

The frozen water crystals of ‘I will kill you‘. become an unstructured mass. The comparison might be made with cancer cells which lose their structure to become invasive when not aligned to the highest potential.

Dr. Emoto explains that the water molecule H2O consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Emoto has concluded from this, that only if gratitude exists twice (H2) love can take an active shape and have an effect. He is convinced that  LOVE and GRATITUDE are the essential energetic components in maintaining wellbeing. 


Paranormal Matters:

9th June 2014: Healing Water – Matrix and Molecules

Soul Memory and Morphogenetic Fields

Multi layered subconscious memory. Research shows that memory, is held not within the brain as was once thought but is multi layered, held at a sub conscious level, within the cells of the body and within the mental and emotional subtle energy systems or electro magnetic field.

Just as the human energy field stores the memories of our past experience so in the same manner the record of collective human experience is held within the environmental electro magnetic field. The places in which we have laughed and cried and shared experiences hold the collective imprints, the memories of the past. It is these which intrude upon our conscious awareness prompting us to release the past.

Geophysical Imprints and Soul Memory. Our experiences are normally measured as local events occurring within linear time.  We know however that some of our most powerful experiences occur at the mental and emotional level and can not be measured in rational terms. Today science is confirming what the ancients always knew, the human body and the earth itself interact as electro magnetic transmitters and receivers. The Vedas, the earliest written sacred texts speak of akashic records, a ‘library of the soul’, the shared memories of human experience through time. This collective experience is imprinted upon the subtle energy which surrounds and encapsulates all material bodies at both the personal and the planetary level. The ‘field theory’ or ‘morphic resonance’ to which Rupert Sheldrake and other leading scientists ascribe provides an explanation for the interaction between these fields.

Consciousness and Perception: Memory is the gateway where the ‘present’ meets the ‘past’. While quantum science shows us that past, present and future are all one, we must also remember that all matter is simply spirit encased in denser form. Since matter resonates at a slower frequency it is this which gives the perception of linear time.

Memory and location: Retained soul memories of other lives connected to specific locations is the means by which memory encapsulated within the body resonates with the atoms and molecules of the earth itself. Significant soul memories can be spontaneously ignited by visiting a specific location, the act of simply walking over the earth being sufficient to trigger a visceral response.  This is the ‘Law of Attraction’ in operation, the principle of ‘like attracts like’. For this to occur however there must be a corresponding resonance, at both the personal and the geophysical level; such resonance equates to past experience, the reason why individuals react differently to the same environment.

Experience and Response: An example of this might be for an ex combat veteran to feel unwell, fearful, angry or aggressive while visiting a historical battlefield while a companion may feel nothing. This may be  more than the obvious association of  recent or current combat experience. Such a visit may act as a trigger, igniting buried memory relating to  battle at this precise location, the phenomena described as ‘past life memory’.  A subconscious cellular response to geophysical imprints occurs when the atoms and molecules of the physical body resonate to residual memory of past experience in another time and place. The subconscious memory holds the imprint of unresolved trauma, surfacing for resolution.

Case Study example

A client on a climbing holiday in Glen Coe, Scotland experienced a deep sense of melancholy, a not unusual phenomena often noted by visitors to the site of the infamous massacre in 1692. In this instance however the depression continued on his return home and he was eventually prescribed anti depressants by his doctor. Reluctant to take the medication he  requested energy alignment. During the session he began to weep uncontrollably, describing vivid images of mass slaughter and an impression of the tartan which he felt he was wearing. Accessing the memory allowed for its release, following energy alignment to ensure integration, his depression lifted and there has been no recurrence.

Many explanations may be put forward to explain such experiences raising the question of the therapeutic value of accessing imprinted memory. It is not unreasonable to consider that in this instance  the ‘morphogenetic resonance’ of Glen Coe was the trigger factor for depression, ultimately the clients recovery is cause for objective investigation. The  slaughter at Glencoe has become part of the Scottish psyche, deepening the subtle energy imprint at the geophysical level. It is this incoherence or ‘tangled energy’ which elicits a physiological response in the corresponding field of one who retains the memory of a distant time.

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Epiphany: An Astrological Interpretation

Who Were the The Magi?

‘We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain following yonder star

A favourite carol tells of the three wise men who came to worship the child Jesus in the stable, a story retold for two thousand years.  There are many interpretations of who these visitors might have been. They are variously described as Kings of the East and Astrologers, and are commonly referred to as the Magi.  The word Magi means ‘wise ones’ and relates to those who had a deep knowledge of the divine sciences including astronomy, astrology, numerology and the study of the celestial heavens and the ancient star maps.  Today’s term ‘magic’ is derived from it and is used to describe something supernatural or beyond the ordinary.  Many intriguing questions arise.  If the story is true and the Magi did indeed come to pay homage to Jesus how did they know of his birth?  We are told they were guided by a star arising in the East which ‘went before them’ and finally ‘came to rest’ over the place where Jesus lay.  When did this visit occur?  Today Christians celebrate The Adoration of the Magi and the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th in remembrance of this event.  Epiphany means ‘great light’ or ‘illumination’, referring in this instance to Jesus as the Light of the World. Continue reading

Metaphysics of the Christmas Story

How real is the Christmas story to you?

It may be no more than the tinsel and the tree, the shopping and the presents, the turkey and the treats; in short an opportunity for self indulgence and partying. For millions it is so much more, a time of deep significance, of reflection and spiritual renewal; the remembrance of a promise, angelic visitation and guidance, a merging of the celestial and the terrestrial. The rational mind rushes to dismiss what in the 21st century may seem fanciful and deluded. The story however does not rest on superstitious beliefs but on the science of metaphysics and is worthy of investigation from that position.

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‘Trick or Treat’ – Use positive themes for children celebrating Halloween

On the 31st October each year the ritual of Halloween is celebrated with little or no thought for its origins which lie in the belief that at this time there is a thinning of the veils between the manifest and the astral worlds. Many cultures continue to take advantage of this window of opportunity maintaining their traditions of communicating with the spirits of those who have departed this world. For some this is a positive act of remembrance, for others an opportunity to interact with negative forces. In either case  we are engaging our psychic energy to create a connection, linking the physical and astral realms and should be aware of the inherent vulnerability and need for respect. Continue reading