COMBAT STRESS and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Today we acknowledge the often devastating effects of combat on military personnell in the diagnosis of  ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ which is a blanket term covering specific response to trauma whatever the cause. The syndrome includes nightmares and flashbacks as the mind keeps replaying traumatic memories of past events, seeing, hearing and smelling what is not actually there in the present. Acute episodes of severe anxiety may be triggerred by an unexpected loud noise eg a car exhaust firing, causing them to relive the trauma memory.  The person may  smell the burning bodies and see again the civilian casualties or the injury and death of comrades. In extreme cases symptoms of paranoia may be present with discharged veterans carrying or secreting weapons  to protect themselves and their loved ones against imaginary attackers.

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PAEDOPHILIA – The Abuse of Power

As  the extent of sexual abuse and paedophile networks is increasingly revealed we are faced with the reality of what has been concealed by perpetrators and those who have protected them for decades. Generations of children  grown to adulthood yet scarred for life are now coming forward to tell their stories of what they were forced to endure. The weapon of the paedophile is secrecy, the victim unable to seek help, believes and with good reason that they will not be believed and so remains silent. Continue reading

SEXUAL ABUSE and ‘Out of Body Experience’ (3)

Consciousness operates on many levels and links to our thought processes and to sensory perception, our ability to perceive pleasure or pain in the physical body.  The mind and the body consciousness operate in tandem, separating only in extreme situations such as shock, fear or trauma or through disciplined meditational practice.Those who have sufferred sexual abuse, particularly over an extended period become adept at leaving the body as a means of avoiding further pain or humiliation

Subjects describe the experience as  ‘being seperate from the body’,  the normal sensory awareness and thought process.  This is the same process as that used to positive effect in meditation; the mind focuses away from the body and separation of consciousness occurs. The difference is that the meditator is in control and choosing  a profound or relaxing experience; the victim of abuse is acting out of fear or even terror, seeking a means of escape rather than  an enriching experience. In the case of abuse there is a reluctance to return to the body and this in itself can become an established pattern, disrupting the thought process and freezing emotional response, severley limiting the persons ability to function. Continue reading


‘Out of Body Experience’ is a natural phenomenon but one that we are usually unaware of. We all leave the body each night  during sleep; we remember our journeying as dreams, either clearly as  insight or as a jumble of meaningless images and sensations which seem nonsensical. There are many ways to purposely detach from bodily consciousness, If we  meditate we are applying a disciplined focus to achieve an altered state of consciousness. Alternatively we may  chooose to escape conflict, pain or even boredom through  substance abuse, or prescribed medication. The initial mellow feeling which becomes numbness in extreme inebriation is simply the separation of the mental/sensory fields, an ‘altered state’.

During  anaesthseia  the consciousness detaches from the sensory body, allowing the surgeon to operate without triggerring the pain response. For a prescribed time we remain totally unaware of the physical body until the anaesthetic wears off when we feel pain or discomfort once more. Whatever the circumstances the effect is the same, a separation of the thought process from the sensory process, a moving away from full bodily consciousness. In energetic terms this can be observed clairvoyantly and can be measured by electro magnetic field (EMF) technology. Continue reading


Can consciousness exist beyond the body? People from all cultures and traditions increasingly report ‘Out of Body Experiences’ creating  an archive from which science can draw its conclusions. This  unfamilar landscape is intuitive rather than rational and difficult to prove. The evidence rests in the experiences’ recorded by both mystics and medics.

The debate continues regarding location of consciousness. What is it that is going ‘Out of the Body’? The simple answer is consciousness.  Consciousness can not be measured by brain capacity or the ability of the central nervous system to identify and perform tasks,  for it links beyond the brain and even the lower mind to operate in ever increasing dimensions. Thousands of people throughout time have described an  experience  beyond the limitation of the body, they not only remember the event but are able to to graphically articulate it, demonstrating in great detail circumstances and events they could not possibly have witnessed in normal waking consciousness. These stories have one thing in common – they are life changing. Continue reading

Releasing the energetic ties that bind

BONDS OR BONDAGE?  Life changing events such as loss and separation, divorce, bereavement etc are some of the greatest challenges life can bring to us.

Clients describe this as an actual physical pain, or dull heaviness within the body. This is real and not imaginary, it is the slowing of the subtle energy bodies, the freezing of thoughts and emotions and ultimately the life force itself. Symptoms may be occasional, intermittent or constant and debilitating; they include tiredness, heaviness, headaches, blurred vision, nausea, and  non specific aches and pains.

At such times it is essential to revitalize the energy in order to avoid depletion and illness. In the simplest terms we are simply ‘picking up signals’ being urged to make a choice to adapt, accept and move on. We may feel unable to rationalize our feelings, this is because the signal originates at the level of extra sensory perception, the invisible antennae common to us all whether or not we accept such things. What we cannot deny are physical symptoms and this is commonly the reason for clients feeling ‘stuck in the past’ to seek the help of a therapist trained in energy alignment.

When we understand the principles of energetic attraction we can clearly see how and why we can feel bound to past experience. In close, intimate relationship energetic bonds are  created, we feel like we have known each other forever, and feel as if we are one person. We speak of finding our soul mate, our ‘other half’. In metaphysical terms this is because the individual energy fields of each, melds with the other. This energetic connection deepens over time and carries  the memory imprints of all we have shared together. The relationship may or may not last of course and will inevitably change over time however when a relationship ends it involves the actual withdrawal of the ties which once held us together. This is the pain we experience as we attempt to extricate ourselves in order to move on, felt as an actual visceral response.

It is not only the length of time spent together  but  the depth and intensity of shared feelings which creates the bonds and therefore the memories.  The life we have built together is reflected in the items we have gathered  whether through building a home or simply in the small mementoes and expressions of affection. These too, carry a magnetic charge and become meaningful, we are loth to part with them.

Where a relationship has continued for many years, perhaps ending with the passing of a partner it may assist the grieving process to remain connected to the familiar. Where there is a reluctance to accept the situation  or resentment towards the former partner it is often helpful to change an environment which may be holding us to the past. By relocating or changing jobs we meet new people and new circumstances, this disengages the former energetic attachment, releasing the attachment.

Separation can be particularly difficult when the choice is not ours, leaving us bereft and perhaps living in hope of a later reconciliation.  The pain is internalized and intensified. In holding on to what has already gone the seeds of anger and resentment  are sown. A refusal to accept what can not be changed leads inevitably to bitterness and regret, a corrosive energy which undermines and eventually leads to illness.

The  decision to begin again brings new opportunities and life is renewed, energy alignment will assist  this process. The Emerald Alignment is a simple self help exercise which can be practised anywhere by anyone, a free audio alignment is available online, it is truly effective and has helpd many.  If you are struggling to come to terms with  the opportunity for a new life, try it. We wish you well.


Planetary Citizens

When we perceive the earth as a being with an electromagnetic field, like ourselves, we begin to see the importance of being in harmony rather than conflict.  The Earth has energy meridians, mirroring our own, which can be either flowing or blocked.  As we develop an understanding of our intricate relationships with nature and the environment, we realise that energy exchanges are always taking place.

Planetary Grid

The earth when viewed from above resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin.” Plato

Ribbons of Light at Rainbow light Foundation provides a weekly focus for Global Peace, inviting all to meditate wherever they may be in the world, in their own local time, at any one of the hours of 3.00, 6.00, 9.00 or 12.00.  The aim is to provide a constant positive flow of energy, assisting those in need around the world.  Meditating at these times, on the quarters of the clock, carries great significance for the individual and the planet.

The Human Energy Field

Human Energy FieldThe human energy field or aura is recognised and validated today by science; the complex network of channels through which the life force flows is invisible to the naked eye but can now be mapped by technology.  The energy, which sustains the body, flows through this network and is known by many names including chi or prana in the Eastern tradition.   Originating beyond the physical dimension it quickens and enlivens all living things; plants, animals and all life streams have their own unique energetic signature.

According to esoteric belief human consciousness is transmitted through a complex interconnecting  web; the life essence is divine originating from a template held beyond the physical dimension, the perfect blueprint of our unlimited potential.  The subtle energy is stepped down through the multi dimensional spheres of the etheric, mental and emotional  levels to connect ultimately with the physical body via the endocrine system.  At each stage there is a lowering of the vibratory rate culminating at the intellectual level with the mental faculties through the function of the brain which governs behavior.

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