Weather Patterns, Prophecy and Prediction

Edgar-CyceHow is it possible that psychics and seers have predicted the current Earth Changes decades, even hundreds of years before they began to occur? Edgar Cayce (1877 -1945) was living an ordinary life following traditional  Christian beliefs  when in a trance state he spontaneously began to channel information of which he formerly had no knowledge or interest. He became the most documented psychic of the 20th century accurately predicting the Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression of 1929 and the beginning of WW2. Even more dire were his warnings concerning Earth Changes and weather patterns. He stated “There are predictions of temperature changes in deep waters which impact weather patterns, earthquakes, pole shifts, and volcanic eruptions.”

Asked if solar phases were in any way linked to changing weather patterns he emphasised the link between solar patterns and population.“..emphasis be placed in the condition of density, or population, combined with the solar conditions to bring about certain changes in the sea and the currents…”  Cayce went on to indicate that the rising ocean heat is directly related to the size of sun spots. He was emphatic that it was the reflection of the sun in the earth’s atmosphere and not the sun’s radiation that cause the currents to grow warmer. More than half a century before global warming came to the attention of science Cayce  confirmed the deterioration in the ozone layer as a factor in reflecting solar rays.

POLE SHIFTQuestioned as to any significant impending changes at the turn of the century to herald the dawning of a New Age, Cayce reported “a shifting of the poles”. Today science confirms a10% decrease in the Earths magnetic field during the past decade and the shifting of the poles has affected GPS (Global Positioning Systems) requiring recalibration. In 2011 Tampa International Airport, USA closed the main runway for a week in order to adjust taxiways and signage to the new magnetic pole direction. Other airports in America and around the world have also adjusted their flight paths and runways. Earth’s magnetic poles constantly move but in recent decades, the shift in the magnetic North pole has increased dramatically according to NASA from 10 km a year to 40 km per year.

Reassuringly Cayce remained very emphatic that nothing was written in stone. During his readings, he constantly reminded that prayer and right thought of consciousness could alter the dire future he foresaw. In more recent times Dr Masaru Emoto the Japanese researcher demonstrated that water molecules are directly affected by human  behaviour. He stated that he believed the current extreme global weather patterns of drought and flooding were a reflection of the imbalance in human consciousness and the effects could be mitigated by prayer.

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Paranormal communication or contact with the non physical world is as old as mankind, all spiritual traditions have  recorded a rich archive of  the experiences of gurus, saints, masters and ordinary people from every walk of life. The word ‘paranormal’ conjures up images of ghosts, spirits and haunted places when these are  more a reflection of our lack of understanding of what constitutes conscious communication. Our fascination with the unknown fuels the paranormal investigative television  programmes and feature films which all too often continue to feed our fears rather than increase our awareness. Continue reading


The global spiritual awakening now taking place  is heartening, signalling the deep stirrings of mass consciousness; at the same time we are increasingly aware of  climate change, civil unrest, conflict and upheaval. There is no contradiction for the cause is the same. Science confirms the Earth is experiencing a polar shift with a destabilizing effect at the personal and planetary level. The light particles now bombarding the Earth increase the vibratory rate of the subtle energy field, unless we can attune to the increased frequency the body chemistry and the electrical circuitry become unbalanced.

On a positive note the potential for spiritual enlightenment is greater than ever before; the key word being ‘potential’. The belief that enlightenment will occur spontaneously is however little more than wishful thinking. Spiritual evolution like all progression is a response to free will choices and we are each free to choose our path. Where we attune to the new  frequency, intuitive response increases, we more readily access the source and become aware of more than the gross elements of life. This is the reason for the upsurge in channelled communication over recent decades as more and more people are able to access the higher frequency range.

Normal communication operates via  the physical anatomical structure of the ear and  the left brain hemisphere which analyses and interprets what we have heard.  Pure channelled communication is a direct transmission received via the right brain hemisphere, bypassing the neurological system and avoiding analytical interpretation. If the channeller stops to think, the frequency is then channelled via the usual anatomical system and becomes coloured by personal opinion and open to interpretation through ego involvement.

The epidemic of ‘channelling’ now flooding the planet is a major test of our discernment for the communication inevitably reflects the polarization of thoughts and beliefs and not only in the physical world. Mainstream religion has long counselled against involvement with the spirit world and this is not without reason for great care must be taken to ‘test the spirits’; it is naive to assume that all consciousness is benign or even advanced. This is the reason we need the assistance of someone who can guide and guard us on our journey.

All non local communication  must be tested and even challenged  to avoid gullability.  It follows that the ability  to receive communication from the level of Ascended Masters is developed over time, often many lifetimes. As with all endeavor  ability and understanding are gained through sustained discipline and while spiritual effort is always rewarded,  pseudo  spirituality is not;

Where a willingness and commitment are shown we attract the sponsorship of Guides,  and a path of spiritual discipline unfolds which progressively tests the soul.   We may wonder why we are experiencing turmoil and challenge when we  feel we have placed our feet upon the spiritual path. This is a necessary process to strengthen faith and commitment. A belief that we can take short cuts  to avoid the challenges simply  results in the energy short circuiting, an inbuilt protective mechanism.  Through the Law of Grace we are held within the boundaries of our inclinations.

The current readiness to accept channelled communication unquestioningly is not only unwise but potentially dangerous.  True spirituality subdues the ego which becomes the servant rather than the master. We can rest assured that our efforts are  assisted by the guides who work always for our greatest good and over many life times. It has been said that ‘when the pupil is ready the master appears’;  then and only then we receive the gift of channelled communication and the test of discernment begins from the Masters to guide our steps and the steps of others.


 How would you like to wake up one morning to discover that you are the master of your own Universe? 

The complex factors which shape our beliefs include environment, parenting, cultural and social expectations and not least genetics. In the here and now all of the above play their part but what of spiritual genetics?  For those who share a belief that our essence is  spiritual with the soul temporarily inhabiting a physical body, our spiritual origins must also be taken into account. We are forced to question: Do we enter life as a blank sheet or is there a soul personality with an indelible stamp of identity  fashioned through many lives of experience; does this explain our individual uniqueness?  If genes do not define our potential, what does?

Almost two thousand years ago the great sage Patanjali founded a system of Yoga and wrote his Sutra’s, treatise on the connection between mind and spirit and their effect upon the body. Yoga teaches us to subdue the mind in order that the life force may flow more freely.  Patanjali stated that the soul becomes burdened with the accummulation of impressions as part of the karma from previous lives and that ‘through direct perception of latent impressions, knowledge of past incarnations arises.  What today we would refer to as ‘past life memory’. Continue reading

EPIGENETICS – The power of belief

We are often told that ‘we are what we eat’, in fact  we are what we think. DNA is the molecule holding the hereditary material in all living cells. Its discovery in 1953  provided genetic information of  the 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs  found in the nucleus of each cell. At conception we inherit one chromosome from mother and one from father, together they provide the blueprint for the developing child. The human Genome Project mapped the sequencing of the DNA molecule in 2003 and we were told that each of us is genetically programmed from birth, a product of the genes inherited from both parents. Since genetic material was fixed at birth and provides the blueprint it was then believed that genes instruct physiology, determining health or disease. This inevitably made us the product of our genes and effectively victims of genetic programming.

This information was derived from 4% of the millions of genes considered  to be the building blocks of creation.  Today mainstream science perpetuates this illusion, preferring to focus upon identifying faulty genes as the route to uncovering disease pathways. This generates ever increasing dependency on the  pharmaceutical industry and research funding.   While genetic research can estimate potential risk factors it  leaves the medical profession with the limited options of medication, surgery or counsellng. The ‘faulty gene’ syndrome places intolerable moral and ethical burdens on medical science, often  take away life enhancing choices as to parenting.

Science as we know is only as great as its latest discovery and moves on…….

Epigigenetics (epi meaning prior or before and genetics referring to the genes) is the new science which provides the keys to unlocking human potential by acknowledging something beyond the physical, the interface between spirit and matter. This is the bridge between science and spirituality, a marriage of neuro science, cellular biology and energy medicine. Consciousness originates as spirit, outpictured through the material world. Our thoughts originate from a non physical dimension, our perception is coloured by emotional response which programmes our actions. Candace Pert a neuroscientist discovered the ‘lock and key’ mechanism of receptors in the brain,  concluding that molecules of emotion run every system in our body. She states that our emotional responses trigger a physiological chain reaction for better or worse, creating a bodymind intelligence  ‘that is wise enough to seek wellness’. Her findings led her to become a pillar of  alternative health care.

Bruce Lipton a cellular biologist demonstrated that our genes are in fact instructed by the commands which we send to them. In ways that science does not yet understand our thought process govern genetic switches, sending the commands to turn the switches on or off; this in turn sets up a chain reaction of physiological response  through the metabolic processes. This is the means by which the 50 trillion cells of the body are programmed. Since the cell is the single unit of life which sustains the body in optimum health such groundbreaking discoveries have overturned previous scientific theory. Our thoughts are initially  programmed by our belief system we can therefore see the importance of changing old, negative beliefs which no longer serve us. Unless the thoughts are reprogrammed to command the cells positively, they will respond to the old negative thought process and will replicate a negative pattern based on former beliefs. This is the principle behind dis order and dis ease.

How to change the belief system which no longer promotes health and healing. Memory is the key to belief for it is personal experience which shapes and defines us. We must continually review our beliefs, retaining them only if they meet the strictest criteria. Where did the belief arise? Is it your belief or someone elses; parent, partner, friend? Does it serve your highest good? Does it blame or shame you or another?  Is it bound up in a contradictory religious or spiritual movement?  Does it afford you good company?

Our beliefs are reinforced by others. If a child is continually told it is stupid it will grow up to believe it. The woman unable to leave the abusive partner first learned not to expect more. The man who feels himself chained to a job he loathes in order to fulfill his role as husband and father will eventualy become ill. Entrapped by negative beliefs we continue, living lives ‘of quiet desperation’ our cells programmed to replenish and repeat the pattern. When we are no longer willing to accept the limitation imposed by ourselves and others we awaken to possibilities to find that life conspires to bring us everything we need to exceed our wildest expectations.

The body is often likened to a universe. Here we stand, masters of our own universe free to command armies of cells which will follow our orders without question.This is either the most freeing or the most terrifying prospect imaginable since it places personal responsibility in our own hands. Humanity stands on the threshold of a new Age of Enlightenment or impending disaster through individual choice. As we reconnect with ancient knowledge and wisdom  and embrace  quantum science we see that their message is the same. We reside in an ocean of vibrational frequency in a holographic universe. Our potential is limited only by our capacity to understand and this in turn is dependant upon freeing ourselves from the prison of past limited perceptions.

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HEALING WATER – A Miraculous Spring

Acceptance of our divine origins opens the doors of human perception. In the quantum world of metaphysics what once seemed akin to fantasy fiction becomes reality as the science of today shapes our tomorow.  Throughout time visionaries, seers and mystics have shared their experience of the divine, pointing the way to a wisdom beyond knowledge. The eternal dilemma is how to integrate science and mysticism, religion and spirituality. Today quantum science points the way, opening a door to find the mystic already sitting in meditation, smiling and asking the question ‘What took you so long?’

Healers work intuitively and may or may not understand the dynamics and principles of what takes place to effect a healing. Often for them it is  enough to be the conduit which links the physical world to the invisible realms; providing a channel through which the universal energy can flow. To gain a deeper understanding a formulae is required, one not bound by the limitation of physics; we must step into the world of metaphysics; here we encounter worlds within worlds, in timeless space.

Healing Miracle of Water: After working as a healer for over thirty years, with a busy practice and a commitment to training holistic therapists I have been constantly surprised, amazed and enthralled by the  experiences we have shared. When the mind opens to possibilities the invisible world becomes not only visible but instantly engaged in the present moment: The impossible becomes possible, probable then real. Miracles occurr.‘There are more things in heaven and Earth Horatio than are dreamed of in your philosophy’ So said William Shakespeare.

 While living and working in one of the several  healing centres established over the years I was priveleged along with others to witness the effects of what can only be described as a miraculous spring which arose on the site. This was observed first as a pool of water which suddenly appeared in the middle of a grassy field adjacent to the building. Perplexed I turned as always to the guidance which has directed our work. I received a surprising answer….. that this was a gift – for healing. I had no idea what this meant or how the water might be used but followed the instruction to wait and all would be revealed.

Within days a client arrived with a badly ulcerated leg which had resisted all orthodox attempts at medical intervention over a prolonged period. During the energy alignment session I received an intuitive prompt to bathe the leg in the water. This seemed so incongruous that I immediately dismissed the idea; it came again repeatedly and after further prayer and meditation I received confirmation to use the water to bathe the leg. For the next appointment water was collected from the field and poured over the leg; following this the client informed me that the pain had receded. Water was then applied twice weekly at each therapy session. After the second session the inflammation had gone and by the third session the ulcers were reduced. My client was now asking to take water home with her to continue the application at home…. In less than four weeks the ulcerated leg showed only residual areas where the ulcers had once been.

This event caused quite a stir in our spiritual community and others began asking to use the water…Again I resorted to meditation and prayer and received confirmation that all who wished should use the water. This presented a dilemma… how was the water to be collected from a field?  I asked again for an answer only to be told that the water would now come through the tap!.. I have long since given up seeking logical answers to metaphysical happenings and so I simply asked how I would know. The answer was that I ‘would see.’ Three days later I was running a bath for myself when I noticed the water was a most delicate turquoise, it remained so.

Several dozen people witnessed this and responded by bringing their bottles to fill! Over the following months we recorded reports of healing responses; psoriasis on the hands, excema on the body of a child, painful joints and anxiety headaches, all responded to the application of the water. A man with persistent throat problems gargled with the water and the condition cleared. I was advised  that people might add the water from the bottles to their bath water at home as this would work on the principle of homeopathy.

Our members began bringing their bottles to fill…then more bottles for neighbours and friends as healing responses began to be reported. The demand for the water grew to such an extent that we were regularly filling over a  hundred large bottles each week with a community member designated to manage the requests.

Some time later we were forced to relocate to another building and I wondered what would happen to the water. I was advised that ‘the water will recede back to the earth as it is no longer required in this place.’  By the time we left the site the turquoise hue had dissappeared. These events occurred in the late nineties, acknowledged by the group of people who at that time lived and worked together, their sole focus being to advance awareness of  metaphysical laws by applying them to daily spiritual practice. We made no effort to publicise the occurrence but did inform the local Catholic priest who looked on somewhat bemused!

How can we expect the average person to believe such a story? In my experience they often do!  Grateful for the relief they receive and humble enough to assign what they do not understand to a deeper wisdom.    Convincing the scientific fraternity is another matter…. one reason we did not try. I am eternally grateful that this is not my task. The answers lie beyond the boundaries of physics, the laws which pertain to the physical universe,  those for whom this boundary represents an insurmountable obstacle must remain within it.Others can join the ever increasing network excited by the new paradigm offerred by  quantum science in exploring the holographic universe.


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2012… Ascension and All That

Much of the current excitement or trepidation around the looming date of December 21st 2012 may be said to be based upon misinterpretation of the Mayan Long Count Calendar which charts Cycles or Ages. This is the longest recorded measurement of time in existence and one interpretation of the final date on the calendar suggests that it marks a cataclysmic end to life on Earth.

This Doomsday philosophy has coloured the perception of what is indeed an astrological event of planetary significance which will certainly affect mankind. The manner in which this will occur however should perhaps be viewed in the long  term rather than as the immediate future. The belief that we are on line for either a major cataclysm or a mass spiritual awakening is in part based upon the concept that the Earth  will  soon pass through an immense photon belt orbiting the Constellation of the Pleiades.  Ancient records indicate that the Earth passes through the belt every 10,500 years, resulting in humanity’s elevation to a higher plane of consciousness or cataclysm or both. One hypothesis is that the weakening of the Earths geomagnetic field  recorded over recent decades could precede  a reversal of the North and South magnetic poles. Some believe this event could be triggered by a massive solar flare, such flares being associated with war and aggression. Others believe the planet may be dislodged from its axis due to a giant meteorite crashing into its surface.

Those who prefer to view the future of mankind through a more positive lens with an enlightened humanity somehow evolving or ascending without effort into a new Golden Age of  love and compassion might at best perhaps be described as naïve. Continue reading

Epiphany: An Astrological Interpretation

Who Were the The Magi?

‘We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain following yonder star

A favourite carol tells of the three wise men who came to worship the child Jesus in the stable, a story retold for two thousand years.  There are many interpretations of who these visitors might have been. They are variously described as Kings of the East and Astrologers, and are commonly referred to as the Magi.  The word Magi means ‘wise ones’ and relates to those who had a deep knowledge of the divine sciences including astronomy, astrology, numerology and the study of the celestial heavens and the ancient star maps.  Today’s term ‘magic’ is derived from it and is used to describe something supernatural or beyond the ordinary.  Many intriguing questions arise.  If the story is true and the Magi did indeed come to pay homage to Jesus how did they know of his birth?  We are told they were guided by a star arising in the East which ‘went before them’ and finally ‘came to rest’ over the place where Jesus lay.  When did this visit occur?  Today Christians celebrate The Adoration of the Magi and the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th in remembrance of this event.  Epiphany means ‘great light’ or ‘illumination’, referring in this instance to Jesus as the Light of the World. Continue reading

Metaphysics of the Christmas Story

How real is the Christmas story to you?

It may be no more than the tinsel and the tree, the shopping and the presents, the turkey and the treats; in short an opportunity for self indulgence and partying. For millions it is so much more, a time of deep significance, of reflection and spiritual renewal; the remembrance of a promise, angelic visitation and guidance, a merging of the celestial and the terrestrial. The rational mind rushes to dismiss what in the 21st century may seem fanciful and deluded. The story however does not rest on superstitious beliefs but on the science of metaphysics and is worthy of investigation from that position.

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Medical Science and Mysticism Meet


Esoteric wisdom references the heart as the organ through which love and compassion manifest.  Long dismissed by medical science as fanciful this verdict has now been overturned, confirmed by advanced technology.  The heart has long been associated with love and romance; poets have written about it, singers sing about it, tweeters tweet about it.

We recognize emotional response through the heart as a real phenomenon and our heart beats faster or skips a beat at significant moments; this is due to the fact that it is a sensory organ.  Medical science accepts that the heart is hormonally linked through the endocrine system but the deeper wisdom states that it is also energetically linked through the electromagnetic field to the primary impulse, which originates with the Higher Self or Super conscious awareness.

The heart is therefore the physical intermediary between body and soul.

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