Consciousness is multi dimensional, operating in the physical and the non physical worlds. Light transmitted as stepped down frequencies governs the material world.

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The Emerald Alignment

Self help Energy Alignment


Light is the essence on which all life depends

Healthy organisms are light dependent

How does it work?

The Causal Body is the individualised point of consciousness of the soul, described as ‘an atom of God consciousness’ in ancient texts. This is the perfected energy accrued by the soul over many lifetimes on which it can draw in the present. It has been observed clairvoyantly by seers and mystics through time.

Described as 7 spheres of reflected colour and light, the energy streams correspond to specific qualities, radiating as penetrating Rays to become diffused within matter. The 6th Sphere radiates as Emerald light, transmitted as the 5th Ray of Healing. This frequency synthesizes spirit and matter, linking the subtle and the material realms. At the subtle level the frequency corresponds to abundance and supply, precipitation, rejuvenation

Lighting up the Brain

In the human body, light transmission is first received as photons (packets of light) and integrated as bio photons at the physical level. The electrical signals emitted are translated as brain chemistry via higher centres of consciousness within the limbic system of the brain.

The limbic system is the interface between the subtle energy system and the physical body. The thalamus, pituitary and pineal glands of this system link directly to the physical body via the endocrine or hormonal system. It is this system which defines and regulates emotional response and therefore behaviour. Medical research now shows the physiology of the body is governed by cellular communication through bio-photonic electrical circuits: i.e. the cells are instructed by light.

Light Transmission

Higher Consciousness to Physical Body

Through a better understanding of the subtle energy messaging system we acknowledge the Crown chakra as the primary connection to light energy. We then create an immediate, direct link to higher consciousness and the source energy.

By focusing our attention to the Crown chakra and specifically to the colour emerald, we connect to the 5th Ray emanating from the Causal Body. Core energy is channeled through the Crown chakra to the spine and the neurological system via the central meridian and from there to every part of the body.

Spiritual Choice

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Emerald Alignment

While all energetic connections arise via the chakra system, the Emerald Alignment is a specific and immediate means by which we can connect to that aspect of light which aligns spirit to matter.

We have immediate access to a transformative experience when we choose to engage with specific positive focus.  This is our choice - the endless  discussion between mind and soul, whether to align to light or to engage at the mental level alone.  By regular use of the Emerald Alignment we begin to correct impairment within the subtle energy field.

rejuvenation and regeneration. In the physical element, it is reflected as the colour of nature; plants and other organisms use photosynthesis to convert light energy into the chemical components which create and store fuel.

Self help through Emerald Alignment

The Emerald Alignment is a simple, safe and effective method of releasing anxiety and creating harmony by aligning the subtle energy body through the Emerald Ray.

This self help method has been taught to all age groups, used in schools, residential homes and integrated into existing healing programmes by therapists all over the world.  While the visualisation process is helpful in sustaining focus to enhance effect, the alignment is much more than a visualisation technique. This transformative, alchemical process is founded on metaphysical principles and was received from a higher stream of consciousness in 1993.

The human body as the vehicle which allows us to operate in the physical world, carries the lower and slower vibrational frequency. While familiar with physical anatomy most people remain unaware of the structure of subtle energy anatomy which governs the body.

An understanding of the multi dimensional aspects of consciousness allows us to engage in positive affirmative action.

Light transmission occurs via energy pathways which are the interface between the subtle energy field and the physical body. Focus and attention increases optimum flow, disconnection results in depletion, we are ‘running on empty’, this results in tiredness, anxiety, a compromised immune system and poor health. Acknowledging the source and the energetic pathways allows us to tap into higher levels of consciousness; light messages are then translated and retained within the waking consciousness. When we meditate or attune to the source we receive increased increments of light and feel rejuvenated.