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Freeing the mind from the prison of human perception

We hope that you’ll join us to explore the science behind paranormal experience.  Fascinating topics related to multi-dimensional fields of consciousness….

Explaining psychic phenomena, healing and spiritual awakening. Drawing upon a rich archive of direct psychic and angelic experience and paranormal investigation.

The Emerald Alignment

A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment,
Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field.

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Programme Schedule

Monday 19th January 9pm UK time


  1. *Body Mapping * Medical Astrology * Healing with Sound

* Healing Case Study: Tinnitus / Hearing Impairment

Focus Meditation

Download the show web links: 77 The Alchemy of Healing.pdf

Monday 12th January 9pm UK time


  1. *Sacred Traditions East and West  * Divine Alchemy – Spiritual Fire

* Religion and Spirituality  * The Emerald Tablets

Focus Meditation

Download the show web links: 76 Spiritual Alchemy.pdf

Monday 5th January 9pm UK time


  1. *Climate Change - a Spiritual Perspective  * Prophets, Prophecies and Messages

  2. *Law of Correspondence * Fire, Air, Water and Earth

Focus Meditation

Download the show web links: 75 Paranormal Weather.pdf

Monday 22nd December 9pm UK time


* Calculating the Date of Birth for Jesus  * Astrological evidence for the Bethlehem Star

* Historical Journey of the Magi

Focus Meditation

Download the show web links: 74 Jesus and Christmas? An Astrological Perspective.pdf

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