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Freeing the mind from the prison of human perception

We hope that you’ll join us to explore the science behind paranormal experience.  Fascinating topics related to multi-dimensional fields of consciousness….

Explaining psychic phenomena, healing and spiritual awakening. Drawing upon a rich archive of direct psychic and angelic experience and paranormal investigation.

The Emerald Alignment

A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment,
Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field.

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Programme Schedule

Monday 15th December 9pm UK time


  1. *Authentic Power  * Spiritual Matrix * Karma and Accountability 

* Custodianship  * Planetary Healing

Focus Meditation

Download show links: 73 Karmic Accountability.pdf

Monday 8th December 9pm UK time


* Conception - Soul Contracts   * Pregnancy  -  Soul imprints  * Birth            

* Womb twin survivor

Focus Meditation

Download the show web links: 72 Paranormal Matters Continuity of the Soul - Birth.pdf

Monday 1st December 9pm UK time


  1. *Metaphysics of Power  * Roots of Power Abuse 

  2. *Personal, Institutional and Global

Focus Meditation

Download the show web links: 71 Power and Powerlessness.pdf

Monday 24th November 9pm UK time


Psychic Phenomena - Real or Imagined?

* ABC of Psychic Phenomena.  * Haunted Spaces.  * Dangers of Ouija Board Communication.
* Releasing, Sealing and Protection Techniques.

Download the show web links: 70 Paranormal Matters Psychic Self Defence.pdf

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