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The discovery of DNA in 1953 demonstrated how genes control chemical processes within the cells, suggesting that genetic coding is predetermined and fixed; today the process is netter understood. Groundbreaking research confirms the role of positive attitude and intention in directing gene expression, directly influencing our biology, physiology and ultimately our health. No longer prisoners of our DNA we are in fact free to choose our own destiny.

As biology bridges spiritual awareness through the new science of epigenetics, the link between memory, behavior and belief is revealed. No longer shackled by outmoded concepts of space and time we contemplate the origins of consciousness and perceive the continuity of soul memory as a reality. The DNA molecule is one part of the spiritual blueprint linking past, present and future.

The Living Memory Research Trust was established  in 2007, to collate and review client case studies  drawn from clinical practice  in trauma therapy over a thirty year period. Our goal is to encourage research and development to promote an integrative approach to healing. 

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Living Memory Research Trust


Humanity stands poised on the brink of a revolution in the understanding of consciousness, an opportunity to achieve a quantum leap in the integration of body, mind and spirit.

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The role of memory has long been acknowledged by healers as the key to unlocking pre programmed belief systems which pre-determine our state of health.  As science continues to search for answers, healers draw upon the ancient knowledge that in addition to current memory, subconscious memories relating to pre birth experience, are carried forward to the present life. This is the continuity of consciousness demonstrated by sages and mystics through time.

Memory the Interface of Consciousness

True healing is transcendent

Beliefs originate at the mental level

By transforming the belief system we align body, mind and soul

Imprinted Soul Memory: Few would deny that we are conditioned by a combination of environmental, parental, social, cultural and religious experience.  Added to this are the retained soul memories of another time and place, present at birth. This soul record of experience is carried forward as subconscious memory, energetically imprinted and retained within the electro magnetic field and at a cellular level. This explains the phenomena sometimes referred to as ‘past life memory’. Our positive or negative interpretation of past experience creates our belief system, preferences and prejudices which in turn pre-determine our responses.

Trauma memory: Unresolved trauma or conflict is imprinted and retained energetically within the electro magnetic field (aura), interrupting flow and creating symptom patterns which we recognize as illness. The inexplicable illnesses which baffle doctors and the conditions which fail to respond to orthodox treatment are just some examples of imprinted soul memory.

We invite you to become ‘Doctors of the Soul’

No longer prisoners of our DNA