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Easter is a time of celebration for all of us, the focus is different for different people.  For some it means Easter Eggs and holidays, for others, a time of celebration, acknowledging natural cycles and seasonal rituals. For Christians it is the most sacred part of the calendar, a time of renewal of faith through remembrance of the traditional story of the Trial and Resurrection of Jesus.

For millions of others who do not profess the Christian faith but have revered Jesus and his teaching it is an opportunity to honour his life and example as a foundation for living.

Whatever our beliefs the season brings a sense of hope and renewal.

We wish you all peace and joy this Easter.



Metaphysical Understanding of the Cross
First posted on January 26, 2015

In esoteric wisdom the long arm of the cross symbolises the descent of the soul into matter, the two cross bars symbolise East and West. True alchemy refers to the spiritualization of the lower nature of mankind, as practiced by the ancient esoteric priesthoods of Egypt, predating monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The ankh was the symbol of sacred power invested in the Egyptian priesthoods and transferred through pharaohs, a cross with a looped top signifying the eternal nature of the soul and its journey.

The devotional rituals which had sustained mankind for thousands of years were later seen as pagan by what would become the mainstream religions of the next Age. The cross in its many forms symbolizes the link between spirit and matter and has been adopted and adapted by sacred traditions through thousands of years. An understanding of the sacred geometry which underpins it helps to dispel  the erroneous belief that the symbol has been hijacked by Christianity. Rather it is a metamorphosis of adapting to changing belief systems from ancient Egypt, pagan rituals, through Celtic and Roman Christianity to the present day.

“Watch with Me” Easter Meditation
First posted on April 3, 2015

The aim of the Watch with me Meditation night is to reflect upon the experiences of Jesus on the last night he spent on Earth before he was arrested.

The Jewish people commemorate an event in their history, which marked the end of the 400 years of captivity of the Israelites in Egypt, when Moses was commanded by God to instruct the pharaoh to “Let my people go.”   When pharaoh refused Moses was told that the Angel of Death would pass over the land on the night in question but that they would be spared. The Angel of Death ‘passed over’ their houses and the eldest sons of the Egyptian families mysteriously died, Pharaoh’s eldest son among them. Following this Pharaoh relented and allowed Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to journey to ‘the promised land’.

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Metaphysics of the Arrest and Trial of Jesus Christ
First posted on April 3, 2015

The trial of Jesus is the most documented account ever made. Whatever our beliefs may be it remains an intriguing historical episode or the major event which shaped world history.

The enemies of Jesus were the Sanhedrin, a political religious hierarchy of the day which jealously guarded its power. Their concerns grew as they watched the increasing influence Jesus had over the crowds he attracted  wherever he went;  perceiving  him to be a threat to their own authority they conspired to kill him.  Caiphas the High Priest negotiated with Judas Iscariot,  well aware of his impending  betrayal  Jesus was arrested while praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. His ordeal and the mockery of a trial began as he was taken before the Jewish Council and Caiphas the High Priest.

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Metaphysics of the Shroud of Turin - Message in the Flowers
First posted on April 6, 2015

The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be the piece of cloth which wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb. Debate has continued for centuries as to its authenticity. It is known to have travelled widely through Europe and beyond and said to have been brought to Europe by the Templars. The first images of the face on the shroud were taken when an amateur photographer developed the photographs he had taken in the cathedral; the negative image clearly showed an image of a face. No trace of forgery or scientific explanation was found. In 1998 the Catholic church gave permission for radio carbon dating to take place and the faith of many was rocked when this was given as 1325. The dating however was later discredited  as the sample of cloth dated was contaminated through handling through the centuries.

Sue Benford and Joseph Marino, textile experts, discovered that an additional piece of cloth had been stitched into the shroud. This occurred at some point in the Middle Ages

when the shroud had been damaged by fire and invisibly mended by medieval nuns, known to be expert needlewomen. Spectroscope tests confirmed the original shroud to be linen with the additional piece made of cotton. Tests also confirmed the carbon dated piece to be significantly chemically different from the original and that it had been cut from the second piece and not from the original. This of course invalidated the dating.

Pollen grains: Botanic samples extracted from the threads proved to be native to France, the Mediterranean area and Israel. Dr Max Frie Head of Scientific Service of the Criminal Police of Zurich testified before the Turin Commission of Investigation that he had identified 28 separate species of pollen native to Israel. 33% of these were Gundelia Tournefortii, a species of prickly thorn which flowers between Feb and May and is restricted to the Middle East. This pollen was located on the right shoulder area. By an analysis of the botanical species Frei concluded that the Shroud had originated in an area around the Dead Sea Palestine and travelled to Turkey, France and Italy.

Corona images of radiation: 1983 Oswald Scheuerman a German physicist working on the shroud identified flower like corona images on enhanced black and white photographs. His experiments suggested coronal discharge associated with radiation. How would a dead body generate light or other radiation to project not only his own image but that of flowers lying on his body onto the linen shroud covering his dead body?

Professor Alan Whanger of Duke University and his wife Mary continued the work and detected hundreds of corona images of flowers, leaves, buds, fruit and stems around the head and chest of the figure. Twenty eight of these were identified as plants native to Israel. In 1995 the expert botanist Dr Avinoam Danin confirmed this research and detected corona images at the right shoulder and left cheek which matched the botanical research. They approached Dr Uri Baruch an Israeli palynology expert (one who investigates pollen and plant) who discovered that almost 33% of the pollen grains were of the thorn Zygophysllum Dumosum with a bouquet of Rock Rose pollen grains by the left cheek.

After painstaking research over many years investigators were able to narrow down the possible area where both species may be found. An an area 10 to 20 km East and West of Jerusalem was identified as the most likely place of origin of the shroud.  Professor Avinoam Danin, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, presents the latest results of his research regarding the Shroud. He states that the only place in the world where people could gather at least four species of plants found on the Shroud and place them on the body, is the area between Jerusalem and Hebron. The weeks between the months of March and April are the only time of year in which eight of the plants identified on the Shroud flower. The flowering characteristics of eight species have determined that the plant life placed on the body happened somewhere during March or April, the time of the crucifixion.

Footnote: Plants as healers: The mysteries of life are to be found not in the physical but at the subtle level. Plants carry an energetic signature which resonates with the human body and mind. Aromatic oils have long been used to prepare a body to assist release of the soul after death with floral bouquets often the final tribute to the deceased. The thorn identified by botanists is not an ornamental variety however and is unlikely to be used in a floral tribute. Why would this pollen be found on the shroud? Is this the thorn which the soldiers plaited to make a crown of thorns as reported in the traditional account? Dr Edward Bach, physician, homoeopath and bacteriologist became renowned for his work on subtle energy medicine. His range of homeopathic remedies includes Rock Rose, a remedy given in situations of fear and terror to renew courage. Biblical records state Jesus was viciously struck across the left cheek during his interrogation by the high priest. Shroud image shows this impact clearly. In laying his body to rest it would seem entirely appropriate to place a bouquet of rock rose by his cheek. The rose and the thorn becoming a metaphor for his life.

See:  ‘Jesus Chronicles - The Lost Teachings’ by Carol Lamb

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