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At the beginning of the 21st century humanity is poised for a revolution in our understanding of consciousness as Biology bridges spiritual awareness and the new science of quantum physics.  Only by expanding the study of the mind, can we achieve exceptional mental health and balance, to bring optimum physical and psychological benefits.

No longer prisoners of our DNA

The link between memory, behaviour and beliefs is now being revealed through the emerging science of Epigenetics.  Research confirms that positive attitude and intention directly influences our biology, our physiology and ultimately our health.


Memory and Consciousness

The role of memory has long been acknowledged by healers as the key to unlocking pre programmed belief systems which in turn determine our state of health.  As science continues to search for the answers healers draw upon the knowledge and belief that in addition to current memory, subconscious memories often relate to pre birth experience, carried forward to the present life.

Imprinted Soul Memory

Few would deny that we are programmed by the combination of environmental, parental, social, cultural and religious experience.  Added to this are the retained soul memories of another time and place; we are therefore pre programmed prior to birth as a result of our experiences and resulting belief systems.  The inexplicable illness which baffles doctors, the conditions which do not respond to orthodox treatment are just some examples which arise in response to retained soul memory.  As we explore the new frontiers of mind and space to contemplate the origins of consciousness we perceive the continuity of soul memory as a reality.

True healing is transcendant

Beliefs originate at the mental level

By transforming the belief system we align body, mind and soul

We invite you to become

‘Doctors of the Soul’

Quantum Light Programme

Exploring neuroscience, biology and quantum physics,

altered states,

philosophy, psychology and meditation.

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Soul Science and Integrated Medicine

Consciousness Studies

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